The quality police is realised on a few levels. We monitor the quality of the technological processes, the quality of finished goods as well as the procedures that protect the natural environment. We also supervise and improve the work environment. The realisation of the quality policy is based on the awareness that the responsibility for quality lies on all employees of the company.




Rosa Anodising Plant meet all the international environments protection standards. Our production line includes modern systems which help to reduce any impact on the environment. An automatic waste treatment station ensures the neutralization of technological sewages. The heat recuperation system assures repeated usage of heat created in the technological process to warm technological baths. We also implement the cogeneration aggregates that produce electricity and heat necessary in technological processes.




Anodising Plant got the authorization of Anodisers Association – Qualanod together with rights to use the Qualanod quality sign. The quality policy is implemented on a few different levels: the quality of technological processes, final products and the environmental protection procedures. Both the modern anodising installation and fully automated processes guarantee the highest quality on each stage of the process that is permanently controlled by the laboratory.